State Troopers Visit with Life Skills Class

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January 11, 2019 - Life Skills students of Mrs. Laura Oats-Miller visited with local DPS State Troopers on Friday, Janaury 11th about their job for career day.

Mrs. Laura explained, "We are doing life skills today, learning different careers and duties. [Students learn] what's it like and what do they do."

The students are from Intermediate and Middle School classes and the visit was part of Career Study Learning which involves students getting to talk to various professionals about their jobs and what it entails. Earlier in the week J.B. Raymond brought out a truck-tractor for students to learn about the job of being a truck driver.

Texas Department of Safety State Troopers Taylor Buster, Keith Jones, and Dustin Ramos showed the students the different sirens they have on their vehicles, what each may be used for as well as what their daily job duties are.