TAGHS to “Look Again” at Timpson Historical Building at July Meeting

July 18, 2016 Sometimes we are encouraged to “look again” at a familiar scene from a movie, a work of art, or a situation and thereby discover subtle but important details which escaped us in our first encounter.

The Timpson Area Genealogical and Heritage Society will do just that at their July meeting as they view photos of the architectural details of some of Timpson's historical buildings and try to identify the building to which they belong. Timpson has many beautiful and architectually significant buildings and homes and  most of us have driven and walked by them hundreds of times. However, we seldom stop to examine them closely, but when we do, we may see things we have never noticed before. Here is your chance to see them with new eyes!

TAGHS invites everyone to play a game of  “What Building is This” at their regular monthly meeting at 2PM on Wednesday, July 20 in the meeting room of the Timpson Public Library, located on the corner of Austin and Bremond Streets.