TAGHS Members Pore Over Old Photos at June Meeting

June 23, 2017 - Upon entering the new meeting room of the Timpson Public Library last Wednesday afternoon, Timpson Area Genealogical and Heritage Society members and their guests found five long tables covered with old photographs from the Timpson area. The age of the photos ranged roughly from the late 19th century to the 1960s. It is hard to be more specific because the actual date of the photographs and the people in them is unknown, with identifying them being the purpose of the meeting. (Click images for larger file sizes)

Beside each photo was a scanned copy of the image, enlarged when possible, with a number beside each person in the photo. There was also a sheet a paper with numbered blank lines. Each member was to examine each photo and if they recognized anyone appearing in it or could share any information about it, they were to write it on the paper.

Putting a name followed by a question mark was acceptable. Several magnifying glasses were provided since some of the photos contained a large group of people. No one said this job would be easy, and it wasn't!

Although good progress was made in identifying the people and places in the photos, many remained a mystery at the end of the meeting. Attached are five of the unidentified photographs and readers are asked to try their hand at identifying them. If you think you know who anyone is, just send an e-mail to timpsgen@sbcglobal.net, referencing the photo by number and identifying the person or persons in it. Educated guesses are welcome and all help is appreciated. It is known that photo #3 is of telephone employees with manager James Cozort at the left. Photo #4 was taken at the handle factory.

TAGHS meets the third Wednesday of each month at 2:00 PM in the meeting room of the Timpson Public Library on the corner of Austin and Bremond Streets. The public is invited.