TAGHS To Present Free Genealogical Event

October 19, 2022 - The Timpson Area Genealogical and Heritage Society will present a free genealogical event, “Shedding a Light on Your Family Tree,” on Friday, October 21, for anyone interested in sharpening their research skills.

Developed and produced by The Texas State Genealogical Network, the event features eight topics of interest to researchers which will be livestreamed from 9am until 6pm at the Timpson Public Library Annex or you can watch online. 

9:00AM (60 minutes) Choosing Geneology Services and Software
10:10AM (50 minutes) Improve, Expand, and Enrich Your Family Tree – With Tax Records
11:10AM (60 minutes) Deciphering Handwriting in Genealogical Records
12:25PM (70 minutes) Building and Researching Your Family Tree
1:45PM (75 minutes) How To Approach and Solve Brick-wall Problems with DNA
3:10PM (50 minutes) Making the Allen County Public Library Geneology Research Assistant
4:10PM (50 minutes) Citing Sources without Stressing Out
5:10PM (50 minutes) U.S. Migration Patterns: Why They Left, Where They Went, and the Stories They Left Behind

The public is invited to join us in the Timpson Public Library Annex for this free event or watch online at home. Although there is no cost, prior registration is required. To register, call 936-615-7263, message us on Facebook, or email us at timpsgen@sbcglobal.net. Further details will be given when you register. Please note that if you choose to view online, no technical support will be available.