Teacher Spotlight Shines on Mrs. Beverly Tippett

March 13, 2015 - Timpson High School teacher Beverly Tippett is a graduate from Center High School, Panola College and holds a BBA and a Master’s in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. She has taught in Timpson for forty-three years. Mrs. Tippett says, “Having taught for forty-three years at Timpson High School, I have seen many changes in my classes. When I started teaching there were 10 manual typewriters and 10 electric typewriters in my classroom. The first semester half the students would start out on the manual typewriters and the other half would be on the electric typewriters. They would swap at the beginning of the next semester. We gradually were able to buy all electric typewriters for my classes. I also taught bookkeeping and shorthand. Bookkeeping has now been renamed accounting, and shorthand is no longer being taught. During the 1980’s, I began teaching computer classes. Now all my business classes are taught on computer. I teach Business Computer Applications for beginners and advanced students. When I first started teaching, not many students had typewriters in their homes; now almost everyone has a computer.”

In addition to her full time job of teaching she has always been very actively involved in school extra-curricular activities.

Mrs. Tippett said, “The first year I taught at THS, I was the cheerleader and pep squad sponsor along with Mr. W.R. Johnson. I was also the Junior Class sponsor that first year. Since that time (every four years), I have been the Junior Class Sponsor 11 times. I am currently the treasurer for the Timpson Athletic Booster Club. I love working with the students at THS and their parents and grandparents so we can afford to get items for them that they might not be able to have otherwise.”

In addition to her teaching and sponsorship of extra-curricular activities, Mrs. Tippett is also very involved in her church at Timpson Missionary Baptist.

Mrs. Tippett’s family brings her great joy. She says, “I am very proud of my two children and of the education that they received at Timpson ISD. I am proud of the successful young adults they have become. Kristy, who is a graduate of 1993, now owns two trendy boutiques in Jefferson and Texarkana, Texas. Clint, a graduate of 2000, is a cardio-vascular anesthesiologist at Scott and White Hospital in Temple, Texas. Kristy has one daughter, Linzy. Linzy is in the sixth grade at Linden-Kildare. Clint has two sons-Carter (two years old) and Carson (seven months). Carter loves Mickey Mouse and Carson just loves Carter.”

When asked what she enjoys most about teaching, Mrs. Tippett says simply, “I love teaching. I love knowing that I am helping prepare students for their life after high school. I enjoy working with the faculty and staff at TISD. My goal is to make a difference. I believe that I am making a difference."