Tenaha ISD COVID-19 Alert for April 4

April 4, 2020 - Tenaha ISD Covid-19 Alert April 4 To all Stakeholders in Tenaha ISD 

In light of the seemingly fast outbreak of feared positive cases of Covid-19 in Shelby County, all Tenaha ISD services will be shut down for a period of time. That means:

1) All meal service at the school will immediately be suspended. For families that have truly dire needs, please email Terry Bowlin at bowlinterry@tenahaisd.com and she will make arrangements to help everyone we can.

2) Instructional packets should be continued to be worked on. We will be monitoring the situation in real time and will put information out about renewal or pick-up of new packets in the future.

But, for the time being, Tenaha ISD is shut down. Our hope is to revisit the situation going into Easter Weekend and hopefully have good news to report.

A very special thanks goes out to everyone doing their very best to take care of our kids during this difficult time. Just remember, a time apart now will ensure that we get to be back together sooner.