Tenaha ISD Dress Code Changes for 2019-2020 School Year

July 25, 2019 - At the regular July meeting of the TISD Board of Trustees, the TISD Administration presented proposed changes to the student handbook. Many of the changes were rooted in language, however, parents and students need to take note of a couple of subtle adjustments to the dress code.

For the coming school year, the TISD student dress code will remain the same with only the following exceptions: 1) Hats and toboggans or any covering of the head are prohibited. 2) Ear rings for boys are prohibited. 3) Yoga pants, tights, or leggings of any kind for girls are prohibited. (Note: jeans with "holes" in them are acceptable; however, the appropriateness of the size and location of the holes is at the discretion of the principal. As a general rule, if you're not sure, they're not appropriate)

Tenaha ISD's Superintendent, Scott Tyner, states, "The changes are merely an effort to establish some "heightened standards" for appearance. Today's society has certainly moved toward "comfort above all things" in terms of acceptable dress. In doing so, society has accepted "loungy attire". Schools have also moved away from the formality of dress expectations over the last few years. It is the belief of the Board and Superintendent team as well as the TISD Administration that school is an environment that still should place an emphasis on (at the very least) the most basic human character trait of making an effort to "look the part". Human interpersonal skills are also important in each child's development. Therefore, the changes to the dress code, while minor, are also intended to encourage students to be more aware of their appearance and its appropriateness to the environment in which they exist."

Tenaha ISD's teachers and staff look forward to greeting all students over the next few weeks and could not be more excited about what another year in Tiger Land has in store.

The Dress Code in it's entirety is as follows:

Tenaha ISD Student Dress Code 2019-2020

As a general rule, the items listed below are PROHIBITED at Tenaha Independent School District: 

  • Do-rags, bandannas and hoodies covering the head.
  • Caps, toboggans, hats, or anything that covers the ears or head.
  • Piercings, earrings that are NOT in the ears. Any earrings on boys. No gauges or bars allowed.
  • Facial Hair that is NOT neatly trimmed close to the skin and kept. 
  • Designs in the hair that are a distraction in nature or appearance.
  • Un-natural color of the hair.
  • Hairstyles that cause undue attention or block the view of other students.
  • Hair on boys that covers the shirt collar, or eyes. Or ponytails or man buns for boys.
  • House shoes or other sleepwear.
  • Tights, leggings, jeggings or yoga pants of any variety.
  • Tank tops or low-cut tops.
  • Mesh shorts or tops (workout clothes).
  • Tee shirts or other clothing that is offensive to a group by sex, religion, or ethnicity.
  • Clothing with obscene, suggestive pictures/words or which advertise alcohol, tobacco, drug, or gang related paraphernalia.
  • Any article of clothing which reveals student’s undergarments.
  • Combs or hair picks that are not properly stored.
  • Holes or ripped jeans that display skin above the knee may not be worn unless skin is covered in some manner.
  • Any clothing items worn at an inappropriate length (shirts, shorts, skirts).
  • Blankets, quilts, and throws.

In all cases, judgment of the principal shall be used in making determinations regarding the appropriateness of student dress.