Tenaha ISD List of Candidates for May 1 Ballot

February 22, 2021 - List of Candidates as they appear on the ballot for the May 01, 2021 Tenaha ISD Board of Trustee General Election for 3 board trustees:

3 Year Positions

  • Robert Barton (Incumbent)
  • Cody Price
  • Kaprice Hill
  • Cicily Cross-Blair
  • Dewayne Reese

Please note: NEW LAW-The new general rule for withdrawal deadlines for city, school district, and other local elections is 5:00 p.m. of the fifth day after the regular filing deadline, pursuant to Section 145.092, as amended. The intent is to be consistent with the rules at Section 145.092 (deadline to withdraw) and 145.094 (withdrawn, deceased, or ineligible candidate's name omitted from ballot). In the same session, as noted above, Section 145.092 was amended by Senate Bill 904 to provide for the “fifth day” after the deadline.  Section 145.092 (a). Section 145.094(a) incorporates the Section 145.092 deadline by reference. To give effect to the overall intent for the sections to be consistent, we view the “fifth day” rule at Sections 145.092(a) and 145.094 as prevailing.