Tenaha ISD Students of the Month for September

September 20, 2018 - Each month teachers nominate students that exhibit outstanding qualities in and out of the classroom. Students that are featured each month display leadership skills, inspires others to excel and are committed to promoting a positive attitude towards achieving their goals.

Lucas Long - Pre-Kindergarten
Lucas belongs to Sharon Odom and is the son of Randy Long. His favorite subject is reading. He enjoys learning his letters. Lucas loves to help others. He enjoys riding his bike and being outside. 

Stephanie Loredo - Pre-Kindergarten
Stephanie is the daughter of Maria Loredo. She loves everything about school! She is a very caring student and loves to learn. Her favorite thing to do is play on the swings and make things with play dough.

Evelyn Aguilar - Kindergarten
Evelyn is the daughter of Jose’ and Brenda Aguilar. Her favorite subject is writing. Evelyn always does the right thing in class by sharing and helping others. She is sweet and always kind. Her favorite pastime is to play with her sister. She also enjoys playing with her dolls!

Marcelo Mendoza - Kindergarten
Marcelo is the son of Jasmine Lindsey and Jose’ Mendoza. His favorite subject is math. Marcelo always tries to do the right thing. He is caring and kind. He shares with his friends and he has made many of them since starting school. His favorite thing to do is play outside, especially on the slide.

Jaliyah Washington - 4th Grade
Jaliyah is the daughter of Angel and Frank Washington. Her favorite subject is reading! Jaliyah is friendly, caring, and a hard worker. She is always willing to help others. Her favorite pastime is swimming and playing with her dogs!

Calvin Dagley - 4th Grade
Calvin is the son of Calvin and Shanna Dagley. Calvin’s favorite subject is math. He is always friendly and nice. Calvin enjoys helping others. His favorite pastime is playing basketball.

Arianna Dagley - 5th Grade
Arianna is the daughter of Calvin and Shanna Dagley. Her favorite subject is reading. Arianna is a very quiet and focused student. She pays attention to details and is very smart. She enjoys playing basketball, reading books, and most of all spending time with her family. 

Aaron Plata - 5th Grade
Aaron is the son of David and Ana Plata. His favorite subject in school is reading. Aaron is a quiet and determined student. He is respectful to his teachers and kind to his classmates. He loves to play video games, explore and read books!

John Head - 9th Grade
John is the son of Melinda Franks and John Head. His favorite subjects are math and science. He enjoys playing football and baseball. His favorite pastime is hunting, fishing and spending time with family and friends. His plans after high school are to attend college and become a Game Warden. 

Alexiauna Gentry - 9th Grade
Alexiauna is the daughter of Alexis Young and Kendricks McClure, and Frankie Gentry. Her favorite subjects are Biology and English. She is currently in the band and a cheerleader. She also participates in track. She has been a member of BETA. After high school Alexiauna plans to go into the agriculture field and become an equine specialists. She mostly wants to raise and train horses.