Tenaha Students Earn Region Honors

December 19, 2019 - Tenaha had 2 high school band students and 19 middle school band students earn a chair in the Region 21 All-Region Bands!

Tenaha placed more middle school students in the Region 21 All-Region East Zone Band than any other school district in the surrounding area. Additionally, 50% of the Tenaha students that auditioned earned a chair in one of the bands. 

Here are the students that earned a chair:

High School: (first attempts since 2015)

  • Jared Tovar: 2nd Chair Baritone Concert Band
  • Krislynn Joseph: 6th Chair Clarinet Concert Band

Middle School:

  • Angelica Sandoval: 8th Chair Flute
  • Miriam Castillero: 9th Chair Flute
  • Yelitza Perez: 2nd Alternate Flute
  • Jessica Aguilar: 2nd Chair Clarinet
  • A’Jeunna Moore: 6th Chair Clarinet
  • Jesel Gonzalez: 8th Chair Clarinet
  • Yuliana Perez: 10th Chair Clarinet
  • Dalia Romero: 13th Chair Clarinet
  • Britney Barona: 14th Chair Clarinet
  • Diana Flores: 17th Chair Clarinet
  • Ana Valencia: 19th Chair Clarinet
  • Gladys Tovar: 22nd Chair Clarinet
  • Arlette Ramirez: 1st Chair Bass Clarinet
  • Mark Segovia: 2nd Chair Bass Clarinet
  • Angel Jenkins: 1st Chair Tenor Sax
  • Cristian Rodriguez: 7th Chair Trumpet
  • Misael Hernandez: 9th Chair Trumpet
  • Korneilia Hill: 6th Chair Trombone
  • Jairo Hernandez: 8th Chair Trombone
  • Michael Santana: 5th Chair Baritone
  • Dejaylon Cooks: 3rd Alternate Baritone

Congrats to these kids!