Texas University Interscholatic League announces Rule Changes for 2024-25

(Uil Rule Changes)

The UIL has announced the new rule changes for next school year and they include an outline for the beginning of summer football workouts:

Tentative Football Season Dates 5A and 6A Schools Without Spring Training and all incoming 9th graders, 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A 2024 First day of conditioning (No Contact activities permitted. No contact equipment except helmets may be worn.)

August 5 First day of full contact

August 10 First scrimmage

August 15 Second scrimmage

August 22 Third scrimmage

August 29 (Schools opting for a third scrimmage shall not play during week one).

TENTATIVE VOLLEYBALL DATES 2024-25 Tentative Volleyball Season Dates:

First day to practice August 5

First day for scrimmages August 9

First day for matches August 12

District certification November 2 State Tournament November 20-23