Timpson ISD Bear Update, 2015 Bears in the Sky Logo

January 13, 2015 -

2015 Bears In the Sky Update - The 2015 BITS flight logo has been adopted and was designed by Jaycee Mullins, middle schooler. According to BITS director Roy Platt, it will fly as the identifying logo of this next flight. We are looking the fly the last week of this month. Accompanying the BITS balloon science/video package will be the Nacogdoches Amateur Radio Club. They will be flying a device called the APRS.

It will continually locate the package during flight. The NARC will track the package from multiple club members in Nacogdoches. Mr. Platt went on to say, " Devon Energy has really come through for Timpson in this project and I appreciate their willingness to fund this flight despite the fact that the last flight they funded was lost. But even in a loss a strong partnership was begun and I look forward to giving Devon their money's worth on this flight. Weather permitting we will get some awesome videos from 3 GoPro cameras and a new parachute that was actually made for high powered high altitude rockets. Luckily, and completely by consequence, they shipped a black and gold parachute. I think things are lining up for a great flight.