Timpson ISD Bear Update: Blood Center Thank You, Athletic Banquet Awards

May 13, 2015 - Thank you from Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center - On her 18th birthday, Elizabeth happily danced the night away – something she wasn't able to do 10 years ago, while her arms and legs were temporarily paralyzed due to the side effects of chemotherapy. Thanks in part to Commit for Life donors, Elizabeth received multiple units of platelets over a four-year period and was able to successfully overcome brain and spine cancer. Thank You! Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center and area patients like Elizabeth, thank you for your blood drive.

Timpson High School blood drive held on Monday, May 11, 2015 had 27 donors and a total of 32 units donated.

These donations will help patients like Elizabeth throughout our community and are greatly appreciated. If you have any questions regarding your recent blood drive, please contact your Donor Recruitment Coordinator. We appreciate Nurse Brittany Kimbro for organizing this drive and for all who donated. Once again, thank you for Committing for Life!

Honors from Timpson Athletic Banquet

    MVP, Volleyball - Holly Hughes
    MVP, Football - Alberto Cuero
    MVP, Basketball - Jasmine Rogers
    MVP, Basketball - Shakur Johnson
    MVP, Softball - Kaylie Bush
    MVP, Baseball - Hunter Smith
    MVP, Track - Justus Osby
    MVP, Track - Eric Gossett
    MVP, Golf - Dustin Pledger

    Female Athlete of the Year - Kaylie Bush
    Male Athlete of the Year - Shakur Johnson

Athletic Banquet Award - The REAL BEAR AWARD was presented to Mrs. Judy Raines at the Timpson athletic banquet. This award goes to a person who shows support and loyalty to the Bear athletic program. Judy has been a devoted supporter of the Timpson Bears since she was in high school. Her sons were in sports here and she continues to support the Bears long after they have graduated. One of them, John Elvis Raines, was a coach here for a while. This is the introduction that John wrote that Mrs. Tippett used to introduce the winner of the Real Bear Award……

I am honored to share a few thoughts on tonight's recipient of the Real Bear of the Year 2015 Award. Most of you all know my mother very well. You know that when she meets a new athletic director or head football coach, her first questions aren't where are you from or where you went to school; her first questions are on that coach's offensive philosophy and preferred type of offense as well as defensive preferences. And, she expects a direct answer. She is serious when it comes to HER Bears. She plans her entire fall schedule around the Timpson-Garrison game. She even goes to scout teams the Bears are getting ready to play on the Bear's bye week (hint - coaches, she would make a great scout). For as long as I can remember my mother has been an avid Bear fan and supporter. I can remember sitting in the old wooden bleachers and remember the thrill of hearing the team coming running from beneath onto the field and how my mother would be right there to cheer on the team. I can remember way back when I didn't have the attention span to watch a game and I wanted to go play with the other kids. My mother, would tell me, "No, we came to watch the game!" She was a supporter all through the years that my brothers and I were involved, and I know she still is even though her last son to don the black and gold was 17 years ago. She supports the Bears in the good weather, and the bad. She supports the Bears when they are doing well, and when they are not. She is always going to cheer on the students and will NOT say anything negative about the coaches or players from the stands. She supports the young men and women, always doing her best to attend "Meet the Bears night" because she wants to know who is involved. She is a true fan and supporter. I couldn't think of a better recipient for this award.