Timpson ISD Bear Update: HARPO NS-6 Launch Lettter, Pre-K News

February 3, 2015
Timpson ISD's HARPO NS-6 Launch Letter - Timpson ISD staff and BITS sponsors Vernett Richardson and Roy Platt recently received this letter from Mr. Army Curtis Nacogdoches, Amateur Ham Radio Club member, who assisted in the recent HARPO NS-6 launch. The BITS team appreciated the ham radio club's participation and assistance in this project.

Hello Vernett,

    It was with great pleasure that we provided radio tracking of the most recent Timpson ISD balloon flight. There was a substantial learning requirement on our end, and that is what we are always looking for.
    Overall, I cannot imagine having better conditions for a balloon flight than what we had on January 27th. Sky conditions, high altitude winds, surface winds, everything was close to perfect. And to cap it off by having the payload land where it did, allowing us to drive right to it, was unbelievable. This is going to be hard to improve on, but it certainly will be fun to try.
    It is a wonderful program you folks have put together involving the students as you have. Their enthusiasm is quite apparent. There is some question however as to who really got the most pleasure out of this flight: the students, the faculty, or those of us in the Nacogdoches Amateur Radio Club. Probably the best part is that all benefitted.
    We look forward to the next flight and hope we can again be of assistance.

Best regards,
Army Curtis – AE5P

Pre-K News - On Friday Ms. Penny's class used peanut butter, bird seed, and pine cones to make bird feeders. The students had to use their fine motor skills to use a spoon to spread the peanut butter onto the pine cones. Then, they had to use their hands to roll the pine cones in the bird seed. They had a great time with this activity. Thank you to the parents who sent the peanut butter and bird seed to school for us to do this activity.