Timpson ISD Bear Update: Pre-K News, Area Track Meet Results

April 20, 2015 - Pre K News - (Pictures are taken by Penny Ramsey) This week, Timpson Elementary School Pre-K has been talking about different animals that fly. We have talked about how and why they fly, what is needed to fly and the difference in airplanes and birds. On Wednesday, Pre-K made bird nests out of twigs, grass, leaves and yarn. We talked about that birds leave in nest and lay eggs in nest. We also talked about that birds eat worms.

Marcus Harber and Gavin CatesJared Tyre, Grayson Coley and Melqui CantuBrecken Kimbro, Caseyn Milford, Jared Tyre, Taylor Crockett, Mylee Milford, Kaylee McGee, Joleigh Jourden, and Ashlynn McNutt.

Books Needed - Timpson Elementary School staff is requesting that if you have children's book that are appropriate for students in elementary school that you would like to donate, please bring them by the elementary office. We have a wonderful library where students can regularly check out books but we would like to increase the number of books students have access to in all of our classrooms. Reading is an essential skill for academic success and provides much enjoyment for students. We appreciate your help in getting as many books possible into the hands of our students. These books will also provide students with summer reading opportunities.

Timpson High School Area Track Meet Results - Timpson High School track team participated in the area track meet in Cushing Wednesday. Qualifying for the regional meet are the top four finishers in each event. Congratulations to the regional qualifiers and the entire track team for representing Timpson so well.

Varsity Girls

4x100 Relay - (4th place team) Alexus Wallace, Justus Osby, Cedesha Curtis, Jasmine Rogers
100M Dash - Jasmine Rogers (3rd place)
4x200 Relay - (4th place team)     Alexus Wallace, Justus Osby, Jasmine Rogers, Cedesha Curtis
200M Dash - Cedesha Curtis (4th place)
1600M Run - Cheyanne Porter (4th place)
Shot Put - Kaylie Bush (2nd place)
Discus - Patience Brannan (4th place)
Long Jump - Justus Osby (4th place)

Varsity Boys

4x100 Relay - (1st place team) Terence Garrett, Devonta Thompson, Shakur Johnson, Eric Gossett
100M Dash - Eric Gossett (1st place), Terence Garrett (5th place)
110M Hurdles - James Marshall (2nd place)
4x200M Relay - (1st place team) Hayden Smith, Devonta Thompson, Shakur Johnson, Eric Gossett
400M Dash - Hayden Smith (1st place), Jayden Johnson (3rd place)
300M Hurdles - James Marshall (2nd place)
200M Dash - DeVonta Thompson (1st place), Terence Garrett (5th place)
4x400 Relay - (2nd place team) James Marshall, Hayden Smith, Shakur Johnson, Jayden Johnson
Shot Put - Alberto Cuero (1st place), Bryan Torres (2nd place)
Discus - Chandler Burgay (1st place), Alberto Cuero (5th place)
Long Jump - Shakur Johnson (2nd place), Chris Piro (6th place)
Triple Jump - Shakur Johnson (2nd place)