Timpson ISD Bear Update: THS Volleyball, TES Newsletter, Red Ribbon Week

October 23, 2015 - THS Volleyball Game Time
According to Josh Jourden, he received info last night the officials will now be able to be at the original game time. Today’s HS volleyball game in Shelbyville will begin at 4:30 p.m.

TES Pre-K Newsletter
Last Week We…
1. Learned the letter E. 2. Read “My Family Is Special. 3. Read “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse.” 4. Learned about the number 5. 5. Sorted Shapes. 6. Learned about families.

Next Week, We Will…
1. Learn about the letter F. 2. Read "The House That Jack Built." 3. Read "The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse." 4. Make a Counting Book. 5. Sort objects by room. 6. Continue working on sets. 7. Introduce the number 6.

Items to work on with your student.
1. Work on colors. 2. Work on numbers 0-10. 3. Work on shapes. A diamond we call a rhombus and a square, we say square and that it is a special kind of rectangle. We also talk about the number of sides that each shape has.

Upcoming Events
1. October 30th will be our Halloween Snacks. 2. Friday, October 30th, our Halloween snacks will start at 1:30. Please send your bag of candy and Halloween snacks with your child to school by Thursday morning. We will need time to put the candy in bags. If it’s a snack you have made, you can send it or bring it on Friday, but we still need the bag of candy.

Reminders to Parents
1. School starts at 7:45 each morning. 2. The school day ends at 3:25. Parent pickup will go out at 3:15.

TES Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week Timpson Elementary October 26 - 30, 2015. The Timpson Red Ribbon Crew, which is one of the Agents for Change committees, met and came up with the activities for Red Ribbon Week this year! Those crew members are: Halle Burns, Alleigh Campbell, Jennifer Diaz, Dylan Crawford, Seth Duke, Jackson Campbell, Lilly Gay, and Alyssa Bright.

Monday - Hat's Off to Red Ribbon Week! Silly Hat Day!

Tuesday - You'd Be Crazy to Do Drugs! Crazy Hair Day

Wednesday - RED-y to Be Drug Free! Wear Red Day

Thursday - Drugs and I Don't Mix! Mismatch Day

Friday - Show Your Character! Don't Do Drugs! Storybook Character Day- Dress up like your favorite storybook character. No scary characters, please!

There will also be a coloring contest for grades PK- 2. Coloring sheets will be sent home today (Friday). There will be a one-page essay contest for grades 3- 5. Details will be sent home today!