Timpson ISD Bears in the Sky Near Space 6 Team Launches Weather Balloon

(Update) Harpo was successful lauched Tuesday morning at 9am and at last report at an alitude of 90,000 feet and ascending.

January 26, 2015 - The Timpson ISD Bears in the Sky Near Space 6 team will launch the weather balloon Tuesday, January 27 at 9:00 a.m. in front of the ag shop. Everyone interested in watching this exciting event is welcome. Weather predictions for launch time indicate winds light with a jet stream under 60 mph at higher altitudes. The NS6 team expects the weather balloon to pass through the jet stream once going up and once coming down. While the jet stream is a significant weather event, it is not very thick relatively speaking when you consider how high the weather balloon will go. NS 6 will have 3 teams of tracking and recovery members. Two teams are volunteers from the Nacogdoches Amateur Radio Club and 1 team from Timpson ISD. One team will be stationed north of the flight path during flight. Another team will be stationed south of the flight path during flight and another will be directly under the package during flight.

The balloon will be equipped with a radio device that you can track on your computer from the link listed. http://aprs.fi/#!call=a%2fw5nac-11&timerange=3600&tall=3600

The radio will transmit to a receiver in Lufkin, Texas which will in turn supply the link with updates every 15 seconds. This is the first time we have done this via the Nacogdoches Amateur Radio Club and they are very excited to fly with us. There will be three teams on the ground bracketing the path of the science package as it makes its way across East Texas and Western Louisiana.

Three Go Pro cameras will be on board recording the flight teachers can follow the progress of the flight using their smart boards. A team will travel to the landing site and recover the science package device. The flight is the culmination of much work and planning and application of science and math skills. Good luck NS6 team!

Photo of NS 6 team members Devin Kemzie and Taylor Roth helping test the flight package