Timpson ISD Elementary School Supply List, Retirees

June 26, 2020 - Timpson ISD Bear Update

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Retirees at Timpson ISD
Three employees retired from Timpson ISD this year.

Cindy Bush
Cindy began working at the district in 1995. She says that leaving is bittersweet because of the great relationships she experienced through working at the district. However, she says she will miss especially her “precious babies” that she had the pleasure of teaching and nurturing through the years. She says “they will forever be in my heart.”

Janie Rains
Janie began working at Timpson ISD in 1997. She says that she treasures her time spent as High School Secretary and Business Manager at TISD. She says the first time she walked down the High School hall it felt like home and she felt a sense of belonging. She said she will always look back at her time at the district with many fond memories. 

Bubba Carrington
Bubba began working at the district in 1989. He has not only served as a classroom teacher, worked with students in UIL activities and drove many a mile as a bus driver. Upon retirement he had the position of Elementary Principal. He mentored and helped many students through the years and would always strive to encourage students to reach their full potential in life.