Timpson ISD Pre-K News, BITS NS8, Basketball Tournament

January 20, 2015 - Timpson ISD Bear Update

Pre-K News (Submitted by Penny Ramsey)
During this week in Timpson Elementary School Pre-K, we are talking about jobs and careers. On Wednesday, January 13, Mrs. Kim Graham (Campus Police Chief) and Chief Kent Graham with the Timpson Police Department, came and talked to Pre-K about what police officers do. While they were here, they also talked to the kids about stranger danger. The students were so excited that they came and talked to them. Thank you very much for coming.

Pre-K Projects Funded - During the Christmas holiday, Ms. Penny had 5 projects fully funded for her class. During the one year that Ms. Penny has been doing DonorsChoose, she has had a total of 9 projects funded with a total amount of all projects being $3,202. Ms. Penny has had projects that has provided her class with headphones, paint, sentence strips, chart paper, highlighters, pencils, post it notes, light tables and more. Ms. Penny's class is always excited about getting new supplies.

Ms. Penny got these projects funded through Donors Choose.

Donors Choose is a 501c non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible. The website is www.donorschoose.org. Ms. Penny and Mrs. Stefanie both have projects on this website. Here are the links to their projects:

Ms. Ramsey
- Art Supplies for Pre-K
- Literacy Sounds And Pictures
- Technology in the Pre-K Classroom
- Follow The Maze To Success!!!

Mrs. Wagstaff
- Ready-To-Go Learn
- Technology

Both teachers each have a project that would give their Pre-K classes Google chrome books and headphones for their classes. They would appreciate any and all help.

BITS NS8 - According to Roy Platt, Bears In The Sky will be launching its 8th balloon in the next couple of weeks. Designated NS8, it will be carrying more electronics than previous projects, primarily a gieger counter built by TISD students. More cameras are going to fly with a bigger balloon with a goal to reach over 110,000 ft. The logo for this flight was the fruits of a small contest and the winner was first grader, Trinity Boyd. For her submission she recieved an electronic toy built by BITS team members. Her winning entry will fly on NS8 and is the official logo of this particular flight. It is as cute as it can be. Pictured in the attach photo is Trinity behind the flight package sporting her winning logo with Roy Platt, BITS program organizer, awarding her an electronic toy insect that activates only in dark conditions. More information will follow and, as with previous flights, anyone will be able to follow along on their computer and track NS8 progress.

Cushing Basketball Tournament - Timpson Middle School will compete in the Cushing basketball tournament Saturday January 23. Attached is a bracket. Good luck to TMS teams!