Timpson ISD Pre-K News, Newsletter

April 13, 2016 - Timpson ISD Bear Update

TES Pre-K News (Submitted by Penny Ramsey)

On Friday, April 8th, Mrs. McCollister's 2nd grade class came and presented their reading theater to Ms. Penny's Pre-K class. Each child in Mrs. McCollister's class was a different character in the play that they did for the class. After 2nd grade left, Ms. Penny had several students who said, "Ms. Penny, they did a play." This lead Ms. Penny's class to talk about what a play was. Thank you for coming, Mrs. McCollister's class.

TES Pre-K Newsletter 

Last Week We
1. Learned about the letter Y.
2. Read Who Lives Here?
3. Learned about the fable, “The Hare and the Tortoise.”
4. Learned about forest, desert, and artic animals.

Next Week, We Will
1. Read “Motimer Mole’s Wagon.”
2. Learn about the letter Z.
3. Learn about shortest and longest.
4. We will learn about animals that live underground.

Upcoming Events
1. Please remember to send back t-shirt order forms and the money for them.  The shirt’s are $8.00 each.

Reminders to Parents
1. Please remember to send box tops to school.  You may send them on a sheet or in a baggy.  Thank you.
2. Please remember to send empty Kool-Aid jammer packages or capri suns.  The school gets to recycle these and earn money.  
3. We also still need soda pop tops.