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July 2, 2019 - Timpson ISD Bear Update

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Timpson ISD Attends Stem Conference

Those attending STEM conference are pictured above. Dr. Munday and Ms. Cindy Sessions attended but are not present in the photo.

Timpson ISD/STEM Academy attended the College and Career Readiness Conference in Plano Texas. The keynote speaker, Jamie Casap, emphasized how the world is changing every moment that we are in it. He emphasized that we needed to move from educating kids in the 21st century and move to educating them for the 22nd century. The model T Ford doesn’t look like the Ford Mustang, the bag cell phone doesn’t look like todays Iphone, Orville Wright’s model airplane doesn’t look like todays supersonic jets, therefore a classroom shouldn’t look the same way it did in the 1800’s. Timpson ISD is a progressive school district and we are proud of the success our students are having in their collegiate classes, certification classes, and the wide range of opportunities they are given. Timpson’s class of 2019 graduated students with Level 1 certifications in welding and HVAC The class of 2019 had 33 students graduate with Dual Credit hours, with McKenzie Burgay graduating core complete (42 college hours), and Rebecca Mathis graduating with her Associate’s Degree from Panola College. 

One of the priorities of the Timpson T-STEM program is the development of embedded STEM activities in P-12 classes.   

Dr. Munday, Timpson ISD’s new Dual Credit Mathematics Professor stated, “The visit at the Cinemark USA, Headquartered in Plano, TX, was a great model for connecting high school students to possible careers, one of the strategic priorities for the TEA T-STEM programs. Involving as many industries as possible in school STEM days could bring students' interests in a variety of careers connected to the local needs.”

According to Kristan Solomon, there were many break-out sessions that gave affirmation that Timpson ISD is doing all the right things to meet our goals for our students and community. Other districts that are ten years into their STEM/Early College venture have implemented the same programs and continually strive to create the same growth mindset and culture that we are cultivating right here in Timpson, Texas. We believe that Timpson will be the very model that other districts will try to replicate in the near future. 

Don Calhoon attended the conference was impressed that other content areas like social studies can apply the aspects of STEM.

Timpson High School is in the top 4 Best High Schools in East Texas, an honor bestowed upon us by US News and World Report. We are proud of our school district and proud to be a BEAR!!!