Timpson ISD Welcomes Dr. Munday to STEM Academy

July 8, 2019 - Timpson ISD Bear Update

Timpson ISD and the Timpson STEM Academy is extremely proud and excited about the addition of Dr. Mihaela Munday.

Dr. Munday has been teaching at Savanna State University in Georgia. Dr. Munday served as Interim Department Chair for the College of Education, and was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education. She taught undergraduate education courses in curriculum and assessment, instructional technology, educational foundations and grades 4-12 teaching math methods, while at Savanna State.

Dr. Munday has previously been employed by Timpson, where she taught math, during 2010-2012. Dr. Munday will be teaching math once again in Timpson. She will teach dual credit math, in conjunction with Panola college, where she will be accredited. She will also be teaching other math courses at Timpson.

Timpson STEM Academy will be greatly enhanced by the addition of Dr. Munday. Her addition will allow Timpson students to gain 15 hours of college level math hours and complete their STEM endorsement. The STEM fields are one of the fastest growing job opportunities in Texas. Dr. Munday will serve as a resource to the STEM Academy, with her experience in grant writing and curriculum design. The experiences of Dr. Munday will enhance both the STEM and math programs in Timpson, giving our students an opportunity to be workforce ready or academically advanced.