Timpson ISD/Panola College Partner to Change Lives for Timpson ISD Students

July 10, 2018 - Panola College and Timpson ISD are graduating high school students with their Associate’s Degree, core complete, and with technical certifications.  President Dr. Powell, Dean Oswalt, Vice President Don Clinton and Dr. Mid Johnson Superintendent of Timpson ISD were on campus to congratulate the Seniors of Timpson High School.  The success students at Timpson are incurring would not be possible without the partnership we have with Panola College.

Timpson ISD (TISD), through its Collegiate Center offers to pay tuition, books, and fees for students to earn an Associate’s Degree or gain college credit for courses that will earn students a certificate or license in the vocational and technical fields. The number of students taking dual credit college classes through Timpson ISD has more than tripled in the past 2 years.

In many cases, taking dual credit classes is the only way many students will be able to afford college. In addition to having the cost of tuition, fees, and books paid for by the school district, students can also save on cost because they are living at home and do not pay fuel cost or dormitory housing expenses.

Many of our Timpson ISD students did not think they had the ability to pass a college class, but after being successful in their first college class, they are inspired to continue towards their goal of earning their Associate’s Degree and eventually their Bachelor’s Degree.  Helping our students to complete a college degree or earn a vocational technical certification will not only benefit our students and their future families, but will also benefit the community by enabling them to be tax payers and contributing members of society. 

Timpson ISD currently has over half of its high school student body taking dual credit college classes that lead toward an Associate’s Degree or certification/licensing program. 

After graduation, students will have the opportunity to continue taking classes at the Timpson Collegiate Center. Although the district will not pay tuition, books, and fees after students graduate, the district will provide a place in town for former students to take college classes that work into a Bachelor’s Degree. This will allow former students to save on fuel and housing cost and continue their educational goals.

Timpson ISD had a passing rate of 92% of students who took college classes during the Fall 2018 semester. This high 92% passing rate of students was possible because a monitor is assigned to each room where students take classes. The monitors ensure that students are focused and are on task. Monitors also teach students study skills, test taking skills, and arrange for them to get tutoring from fellow high school teachers, if needed. Mrs. Tina Samford and Mr. Vernett Richardson have years of experience here at Timpson ISD working with dual credit students.  

The staff members at Timpson ISD are committed to ensuring that every student who graduates from Timpson High School can exit THS High School doors with something more than a high school diploma. The Timpson community passed a $9,000,000 million dollar bond to build the Timpson Collegiate Center and we are currently on track for move into the new facility in August/September of 2018.

The Collegiate Center excitement and ongoing program success is reaching out into the surrounding communities. Timpson has also had an increase in districts’ enrollment, adding students who have transferred into Timpson ISD to further their education, students who truly care about getting an education. Research shows that if a student takes at least one dual credit class while in high school it doubles their chances for successfully graduating.

Timpson ISD is striving to also implement another exciting program: “Grow Your Own Teachers.”  The Grow Your Own program main focus is to recruit teachers. The Grow Your Own Teachers program will allow staff members and student to gain either a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree and become the next generation of educators.

The parents of the Timpson ISD community have continued to support, guide, and stand side by side the students to keep them encouraged throughout this amazing transition period. The Timpson ISD teachers and staff are committed to making a difference in lives of our students.