Travelers Search for Ancestral Connection in Shelby County

March 30, 2015 - Two travelers from Idaho have arrived in Shelby County and are in search of some family history. Harold and Linda Craft of Coeur D'Alene, Idaho stopped by Shelby County Today in search of information about Mattie Mitchell and any other people in the area who may have been ancestors by the names of McGee, Mitchell and English.

To Craft's knowledge Mattie Mitchell, who was his great-aunt, wrote newspaper articles and was on the radio as well with "The Ag Report." Craft also recalls Mitchell wrote a story once about William English.

During their visit to Center, Mr. Craft shared he had to get a photograph of himself by the historical marker in front of the historic Shelby County Courthouse as his third grandfather was William English.

English was a resident of Shelbyville, and amongst several other noted historical events, was a participant in the Fredonian Rebellion. When this insurrection was unsuccessful against the Mexican government, he fled with his family to Natchitoches, La., where he stayed for about a year before returning to Texas. The Crafts plan to visit San Jacinto while they are in Texas.

"What I found out is he set on the convention of 1832 and 1833 and he fought at the San Jacinto battlefield," said Craft.

While the Craft's are in the area, they are seeking any information on ancestors and can be reached by email at