The Water Is Always Moving by Mike Belgard

April 26, 2017 - One of our favorite family vacations is going to the beach at Galveston for some fun in the sand, sun, and surf. We particularly enjoy surfing on our Boogie boards. We let the older kids use the boogie boards and go do some surfing on their own. The wind was extra high which made the waves larger and more appealing. They were having a great time playing and surfing.

We were setting up our area on the beach, when we looked up and noticed that in no time, the kids had gotten in deeper water and were drifting toward the rocks near the weir. We began to yell and wave for them to come back, but they were oblivious to the impending danger. They couldn't see what we could from our vantage point. By the time they realized they had drifted into the danger of the rocks one of the parents was already to the shore to get them to safety. The more experienced surfer of the three realized as long as they didn't let go of their boards they would not drown. She told the others, "no matter what, don't turn loose of your board." The boogie board was their key to survival, but they had to hang on to it to receive its life saving gift.

The young people learned several lessons that day.

1) The waves stop for no one. As one restated the obvious; "The water is always moving."
2) When you get so busy playing you stop paying attention to your surroundings, you can quickly drift into troubled waters.
3) No matter how far you've drifted, if you keep hold of your life preserver, you will always have a chance to be rescued.
4) Anyone who really loves you, will always have an eye on you, ready to rescue you if you find yourself in trouble.

Have you ever noticed that life is like that. No matter what happens life keeps going. We sometimes get caught up in the "fun," or our day-to-day routine and don't realize that we are drifting towards something that can cause us great harm. Before we know it we are in the "rocks" of life getting hurt and bruised. And life just keeps happening. It doesn't stop because we are trouble. Just like the waves, it just keeps coming.

I have good news though. You have a life preserver (in the grace of God) and a rescuer (Jesus) who loves you and would never leave you in danger. We just need to learn to "hang on" to our lifesaver. Jesus says, "He will never leave us or forsake us." That He is "our mighty fortress in storms". He always has His eye on us and is ready to catch us when we fall. All you have to do is accept His grace and receive His life saving gift.

You can be kept safe from the waves of life. But rest assured, they will keep coming. So why not rest in the lifeboat of God's grace and have peace in the midst of the storm.

I'm just saying,
Mike Belgard