Weekly Fishing Report from Huxley Bay Marina

April 10, 2015 - My name is Marvin and I’ll be giving a weekly fishing update from Huxley Bay Marina.

If you haven’t been out crappie fishing you need to be. Hearing reports from fisherman catching crappie with minnows and little jigs (personally I’m using a jig and crappie nibbler). Fish your favorite structure or in the shallows. Motion seems to be helping get the strikes at the moment.

The large Mouth Bass are a hit and miss right now. Hearing some people have been catching them but no solid pattern yet. With a little good weather to help clear up the water the fish strikes should start picking up.

Those of you who like to fish trout lines; I’ve gotten reports of a few people getting some Flat Head Catfish. My neighbor managed to get about 300lbs of Blues and a very impressive 67lb Flat Head in one run of his trout lines.

As we see nice fish coming through Huxley Bay Marina we will be posting them on our Facebook page. Feel free to check them out at www.facebook.com/HuxleyBayMarna.