Women's History Month Salute: Mother Lucille Cloudy

March 13, 2019 - Have you ever seen a woman in her eighties move around like Mrs. Lucille Wade Cloudy? Well, you should see her at church, or ask her to go out of town with you, or see what is planted in her garden. She is slowing down a bit but she has been a very active woman.

Mother Lucille, who is County mother of Center Triumph the Church in Kingdom of God in Christ, and her husband, Marvin, who is now deceased, raised eleven children. One has preceded her in death but the other ten have grown to be successful in life. They have given her many grandchildren and great-grands. She will always talk about how she raised her children and saw that her sons worked while they were going to school and appreciated her for doing so. She stressed education and they all finished school at Daniels High and Center High. Seven boys and three girls are all proud of their mother and keep her happy with visits, traveling, and parties. There are birthday milestone parties almost every year. 

Mother Cloudy is fortunate to have many sons who are preachers and her eldest daughter is married to a preacher. It looks like the grandsons are following suit since some are beginning to preach as well. The entire family is a very spiritually active group. They support each other in any manner necessary, even if it means driving out of town.

Mrs. Cloudy is a good cook. She has been known for her baking throughout the city. Cakes and pies of all kinds are yours for the asking and sometimes a small fee is requested, just for the ingredients. She has baked for reunions, church activities, and other events. When she moved into a new home a few years ago she made sure there was a garden plowed and seeds planted so she could have productive vegetables in the appropriate season for canning and/or freezing.

The Mother of the Church is a well dressed woman as well, from head to toe. She is a great counselor for someone who needs a listener. Mrs. Lucille Cloudy is a great people person and if you meet her, you will say she does make an impact to education, culture, and society in Center, Texas.