Women's Reading Club Reviews Condoleezza Rice's Memoir

April 9, 2015 - The Woman's Reading Club met on April 2 at the John C. Rogers Gallery. Mrs. Deborah Chadwick was hostess. Vice-president Janene Walker presided. There were seventeen members present and a special guest visiting from Florida, Mrs. Vickie Anderson Shannon, the daughter of member Mrs. Linda Anderson.

Following the business meeting, Mrs. Barbara Prince, program leader, reviewed Condoleezza Rice's memoir: Extraordinary, Ordinary People, an account of her family heritage and her life prior to serving as the Bush administration's Secretary of State.

Born in Birmingham in 1954, Condoleezza was the daughter of hardworking parents who valued education, family, work, and church. Her parents imparted to her their conviction that one could alter her/his situation through education, and her life has certainly been a validation of their belief. She not only earned a PhD, served as a professor and Provost at Stanford and held high-level government positions, but also authored books, triumphed as a concert pianist, and served on the boards of major corporations, such as Chevron and Transamerica. Her inspirational account is a story of the American Dream realized.

Following the program, Mrs. Chadwick treated members to delicious and beautifully presented refreshments prepared by the culinary students of Center High School.