Women's Self Defense, Weapon Seminar Featuring the Kama

August 2, 2022 - Self Defense America hosted a Women's Self Defense Seminar on July 9, 2022. We at Self Defense America are all about self defense within the boundries of the law. Each participant received a packet outlining the laws of self defense, with driving tips, parking lot tips and dating tips. 

After all the information was covered participants then went to the mats and practiced shown techniques designed to help escape from many different attacks.  A special thanks to the Black belts for helping the ladies; Tracie Galindo, Norman Isch and Hunter Gibson. 


The next Women's Self Defense Seminar will be in September watch facebook for date and time!

In July 2022 Self Defense America held a weapon seminar. This weapon was the Kama; it is a traditional Japanese farming implement similar to a sickle or billhook. 

Used for reaping crops and also employed as a weapon, the following students spent four hours working on learning how to wield this weapon in a pattern of battle against multiple attackers. Carlos Lara Cervantes, Wyatt Foster and Rain Smith. 

They then put a demonstration for their parents. They did well, and Self Defense America is proud of the hard work they put into this training.