Wymon and Hazel Bolton Celebrate 64th Wedding Anniversary

June 29, 2022 - Wymon and Hazel Bolton are celebrating their 64th Wedding anniversary this year!

They were introduced by a family member, Mrs. Annie Ruth, and met in Shelbyville in a tent service at Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ. Their courtship lasted 3 years. Mrs. Hazel said ‘yes’ when Wymon proposed because of his beautiful brown eyes! Wymon said what he liked most about her was everything. The two married on June 27, 1958 and they had 10 children: Lenola, Shonin, Wymon, Jr., Cynthia, Cornett, Darron, Joe, Yondus, Shelia, and Tracy.

Wymon was a Carpenter and Hazel owned a beauty shop for many years before going to work with Head Start. They love to fish together and Mrs. Hazel holds a fishing record for Toledo Bend. She caught a 4 pound and 17 inch prize black crappie on December 5, 2002 with a cane pole.

According to their kids, “They raised us kids in a home full of love as they were very loving and caring towards each other. Daddy played the guitar and Momma would sing. We were raised in church and they would play games with us as a family including card games, jacks, and baseball. They never argued in front of us and they always made sure we were well fed.”

Their family has been blessed with 37 grandchildren and 39 great-grandchildren.

Happy 64th Anniversary! Your family loves you!!