By Senator Robert Nichols (Senate District)

My Five Cents: School Safety, City Ordinances, Human Trafficking, Marijuana, Senate Page Program

March 7, 2019 - Friday, March 8th is a very important day at the Capitol as it is the bill filing deadline for the Legislature. Each legislative session is 140 days long and the 60th day is always the last day to submit bills. Over the remaining 80 days, bills will be discussed in committees and those that pass will be sent to the House and Senate floors. 

Here are five things happening at your Capitol this week:

1. School Safety

My Five Cents: Committees Meeting, Red Light Cameras, Teacher Salaries, Daylight Savings, Alabama-Coushatta Day

February 28, 2019 - Senate Finance workgroups were announced this week. I am grateful to Senator Jane Nelson for naming me Chair for the Article 6,7, and 8 workgroup. Over the next few weeks we will go through the budgets of agencies such as the Texas Agricultural Commission, Texas Railroad Commission, Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and Texas Medical Board. This is the time we are able to make suggestions for additional items the agencies have requested to be added to the state's budget or to remove items. 

My Five Cents: Mental Health, Fido Friendly Patios, Ethics Commission, Teacher Salary, Official Food of Texas

February 21, 2019 - This week the Texas Forestry Association (TFA) was recognized at the Capitol. TFA is a nonprofit organization with a goal to advance forestry and enhance the state's forest resources. Covering 12 million acres, the forest area of East Texas has created more than 130,000 jobs, with a total economic impact of more than $30.3 billion dollars.

Here are five things happening at your Capitol this week:

1. Mental Health Consortium


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