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Shelbyville Middle School 6th Six Weeks Honor Roll

June 14, 2016 - Shelbyville Middle School announces the 6th Six Weeks A and A/B Honor Roll.

All A’s

6th Grade - Yolanda  Caporali, Jaelyn Crawford, Elijah Taylor

7th Grade - Tiesha Allen, Naquila Barnes, TyKevia Blount, Grady Clay, Levi Dramberger, Morgan Jefferson, Jimmy Jimenez, Jacob Lang, Slade Smith, Trey  Smith, Logan Williams

8th Grade - Cade Dodd, Mickenzie Murry, Kolby Parker, Brittany Payne, Allison Robbins

All A’s & B’s

Shelbyville ISD Middle School 5th Six Weeks Honor Roll

April 18, 2016 - Shelbyville Middle School announces Fifth Six Weeks Honor Roll.

All A’s 

6th Grade - Kiana Bennett, Yolanda Caporali, Jaelyn Crawford, Ma'Kayja Horton, Dawson Jackson, Allie Lawson, Neera Smith, Neena Smith, Elijah Taylor

7th Grade - Randall Bailey, Naquila Barnes, Jimmy Jimenez, Jacob Lang, Trey Smith, Logan Williams

8th Grade - Cade Dodd, Ryleigh Lawson, Mickenzie Murry, Emily Nicosia, Kolby Parker, Whittany Payne, Allison Robbins

All A’s & B’s 

Shelbyville Middle School 1st Six Weeks, A & A/B Honor Roll

October 6, 2015 - Shelbyville Middle School announces the 1st Six Week honor roll. Congratulations students for doing a great job!

All A’s

6th Grade
Yolanda Caporali, Neena Smith, Myla Wagstaff

7th Grade
Naquila Barnes, TyKevia Blount, Grady Clay, Levi Dramberger, Ki”Ouja Gates, Jacob Lang, Chloe Ryals, Trey Smith, Logan Williams, Molly Windham

8th Grade
Brody Chandler, Cade Dodd, Krislyn Joseph, Mickenzie Murry, Emily Nicosia, Kobly Parker, Brittany Payne, Whittany Payne, Sabryn Youngblood

All A’s & B’s

Free Summer Reading App for Kids

June 28, 2015 - Encouraging reading is one of the most important things you can do to help your child succeed. But finding the right books can be tough.

Amber Swearengern, Shelbyville ISD Director of Curriculum and Testing, announces the school is using a wonderful new eBook service called "Epic!" The service is free for teachers, but Epic! can only afford to do this if enough parents sign up for the Home Version. Use 'EPICREADS' promo code for 60 day free trial and then the cost is $4.99 thereafter.


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