Texas A&M Forest Services Press Release

Mass Timber: What to Know About Today’s Options for Building with Wood

October 17, 2022 - Mass timber: What to know about today’s options for building with wood

Mass timber could be the best-kept secret in Texas. But those familiar with the building material recognize its potential to reshape the way buildings are designed and constructed in the U.S. while promoting healthy forests.

Rob Hughes, Texas Forestry Association Executive Director, said the rising popularity of the building material is a game-changer in the forest industry because it will be used in commercial buildings.

Texas A&M Forest Service Raises Preparedness Level as Wildfire Risk Continues

October 7, 2022 — Texas A&M Forest Service raised the State Wildland Fire Preparedness Level to Level 2 this week due to increased wildfire activity, particularly in the eastern half of the state.

Preparedness Levels 1-5 are planning assumptions and actions dictated by fuel and weather conditions, fire activity and fire suppression resource availability in the state. Level 5 is the highest level of wildland fire activity and indicates heavy resource commitment.

Application Period for Community Wildfire Defense Grant Now Open

August 10, 2022 — Eligible communities in Texas can apply now for a federal grant administered by Texas A&M Forest Service to plan for and mitigate against risks created by wildfire.

The Community Wildfire Defense Grant offers financial assistance to at-risk local communities for the development of Community Wildfire Protection Plans and associated mitigation projects. The program is authorized in Public Law 117-58, commonly referred to as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Another Benefit of Trees: Cooler Temperatures

July 29, 2022 - How vegetation can counter the urban heat island effect

Cities across Texas have endured record temperatures this summer, and it’s not solely the weather that’s to blame.

Developed areas often experience higher temperatures than nearby rural areas when green spaces are replaced with roads, parking lots and large buildings that retain more heat during the day than natural landscapes.

Texas A&M Forest Service Encourages Safety on 4th of July Weekend

June 30, 2022 - As Texans make plans to celebrate the Fourth of July with picnics, grilling, camping and fireworks, Texas A&M Forest Service asks everyone to be careful with any outdoor activity that may cause a spark.

Approximately 90 percent of wildfires are caused by humans and their activities, and Independence Day is one of the top days for reported wildfires. With current drought conditions across most of the state, the public is encouraged to help protect Texas by preventing wildfires.

Texas A&M Forest Service urges Texans to Help Prevent Wildfires Memorial Day Weekend

May 26, 2022 - This Memorial Day, Texas A&M Forest Service encourages Texans to protect our great state by being mindful of activities that may start a wildfire. The start of summer is marked by vacations, outdoor activities like camping and grilling and celebrating holidays with family and friends – all of which could lead to sparking a wildfire.


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