Banquet of Champions Highlights Roughriders’ Achievements

Tuesday, May 16, 1017, Windham Civic Center –

On Tuesday, Center High School held their annual Banquet of Champions, sponsored by the Center Booster Club. The event recognized the achievements of Center High School students on and off the field.

Coach Barry Bowman opened the ceremony, which started with a short speech. An invocation was given next by Mike Brister.

Antonio Chavez and Marilyn Angel were recognized as the Cross Countrys’ Most Valuable Players (MVP) by coaches Chad Rathke and Jackie Hamilton.

Bree Hightower was MVP for volleyball and was awarded by Coach Dana Irvin.

Coach Leon Dykes awarded his Boy’s and Girl’s teams and recognized their post-season performances.

Courtney Mayfield recognized the CHS Cheerleading squad.

Arianna Randolph presented Taylor Nichols with this year’s MVP award for basketball. Hiram Harrison awarded Jaterious Evans as MVP for Boys’ Basketball.

Dulce Gonzales was Centers’ MVP for girls’ soccer and received her award from Coach Jackie Hamilton. Coach Gerardo Martinez gave Boys’ MVP for soccer to Marcus Lopez and Juan Ramirez.

Coach Eren McMichael presented Makayla Hubbard with the softball MVP award. Coach Kelly Spann gave Jaxon Covington MVP for baseball.

Jesse Burns, Jasmine Uresti and Cookie Harper received Athletic/ Academic ‘Rider Awards.

Burns, Devin Randle and Brianna Hightower got Fighting Heart Awards.

Lady ‘Rider and ‘Rider Awards went to Taylor Nichols, Octaxius Evans and Jaterious Evans.

The highly coveted R.E. Malone Awards went to Austin Craig, Octaxius Evans and Dulce Gonzales.

James Greer ended the ceremonies with a benediction prayer.