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December 17, 2014 - On December 10 Center Garden Club met in the home of Mrs. Carolyn Bounds. President Colleen Doggett presided. Mrs. Cindy Brown was introduced as the Club's new member, and Mr. Jesse Griffith of Santa Rides a Motorcycle and Mrs. Anna Stuevers were welcomed as guests. The Club presented Mr. Griffith with a two-hundred-dollar donation for Christmas toy purchases.

Mrs. Bounds presented a program on Yuletide decorating with natural materials such as greenery, fruits (pineapples, apples, pears, citrus, berries, pomegranates, osage oranges...), cones, nuts, vegetables, forced bulbs, and more. Inspired by Colonial Williamsburg (the Della Robbia tradition), Mrs. Bounds, also, showcased various Colonial Williamsburg design forms: the pyramid, the swag, the plaque, the wreath, and the fan (fruit) board which she creates each Christmas season to adorn the front of the Bounds home.

Following the business meeting and program, the club enjoyed a delightful lunch and social social hour.

December 17, 2014 - Administrator Ms. Kay Powell and all of her staff presented the clients and their families with a Christmas Party at Lakeside Village Assisted Living this season.

Mrs. Powell welcomed the families and spoke of her love and appreciation of the clients and their families. She also thanked her staff for all they do to make life at Lakeside the best for the clients.

Next, she introduced Pastor Jenkins. Pastor Jenkins and Bro. Lonnie Belrose, of Sardis Church, led the Christmas singing. Then, Mrs. Belrose read about the birth of Jesus from the Bible.

All of the employees presented the clients and families with a buffet of goodies. There were cookies, sandwiches, dips, cheese balls, vegetable and fruit trays and punch. To be sure, everything was delicious! A great time was had by everyone there.

December 16, 2014 - The December Golden Harvest Ministries Club meeting was held Monday the 15th in the Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church. Jim Forbes called the meeting to order. He passed a note pad for members to write questions for David Chadwick to answer at the next meeting. David Bain led us in an opening prayer. Harold Hanson led the group as they softly sang “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night.”

Linda Bordelon, Blanch Haley and Patsy Parmer had birthdays this month and we sang for them. Walter and Ellen have their wedding anniversary in December and we sang for them. Joe Anderson asked the blessing on the food and everyone enjoyed eating the deliciously prepared foods.

Ed Miller conducted the installation of officers for 2015 by reading their responsibilities and presenting each with a Santa Hat. The officers are Joe Anderson, president, Helen Collard, Second Vice president of Membership and Linda Anderson, First Vice President of Programs. Alice West is Secretary/Reporter, Betty Green will be Treasurer and Melba Colman continues as Historian. For our program Ed Miller sang “O Holy Night” while Terri Miller accompanied him on the piano. Then Mrs. Miller played a medley of Christmas Carols on the piano. Then Mr. Miller sang “Mary did you Know?” The audience gave a big applause!

Minutes of the last meeting were read. Linda Bordelon had a Thank-you card from the Children’s Advocacy Center . Joe Anderson gave a detailed financial report. Ed Miller gave a report on the last trip. Melba Colman reported that the historian’s records are up to date.

Ann Forbes went over the Club Prayer Report and encouraged us to pray and to visit those in the nursing homes. Jim Forbes gave thanks to all and wished us a Merry Christmas. We closed with prayer.

Submitted by Ellen Manning

December 16, 2014 - CASA Volunteer Supervisor Denise Belrose along with Brenda Applequist and Jo Watson from 1st United Methodist Church in Center have been busy helping Santa with gifts the church members provided for our 53 foster children. Church members filled the Wish Lists each child provided. On behalf of our foster children, we say Thank You so very much!!!

December 16, 2014 - First Baptist Church Minister of Music Ed Miller installed the 2015 Golden Harvest Ministries Club Officers at their December 15 meeting.

First Baptist Church Minister of Music Ed Miller sang a number of Christmas Carols to members of the Golden Harvest Ministries Club. He was accompained on the piano by his wife Terri, who also performed a piano solo.

Photo, from left: President Joe Anderson, 1st Vice President Linda Anderson, 2nd Vice President Helen Collard, Secretary/Reporter Alice West, Treasurer Betty Green, Historian Melba Coleman, and Ed Miller. As a continuing Center Garden Club project Linda Bordelon will decorate the tables each month.

Submitted by Linda Bordelon

On Friday, December 12, 2014, voice students of Mrs. Janette Wittmann, traveled to Nacogdoches to see the Christmas opera, "Amahl and the Night Visitors". The production was presented by the SFA College of Fine Arts and School of Music and held at Cole Concert Hall on the SFA campus.

The one-act opera, written in English, tells the story of Amahl, a poor, crippled shepherd boy, and his mother who are visited by the Three Kings during their journey to the Christ Child. Since it was first produced for television in 1951, the opera has become a Christmas classic that is produced in communities throughout the United States.

Students attending were (L-R) Ella Shires, Cecily Gibson, Celeste Gibson, Kai'Lyn Jones, Allison Stuever, Ian Williams, Sarah Scull, Laura Anne Scull, Brianna Hardy and Braxton Hardy. Mrs. Janette Wittmann, Alison Scull and Stacy Riley accompanied the students.

The First Annual Metal Christmas Stocking Decorating Contest was held on December 12, 2014 with db Metal Art and The Little Fox Marketplace hosting the event. Tracie Galindo and Delbert Beckham presented each of the winners with their awards.

Galindo welcomed everyone to the event, "We really appreciate you all participating, we've got return participators, so that's real good ."

There was a tie for second and third place and therefore the award for $20 for second place and the award for third place of $10 was combined and split into $15 each, making each a second place winner.

The first place winner and receiving $30 was Darlene Brown Victoria Ford received one of the second place awards and $15 for her stocking. Brenda Smith was the next to receive a second place award and $15.

Each stocking was returned to the winners of the competition as well as their gift certificates for The Little Fox Marketplace. Following the awards presentation Galindo announced that everyone who participated in voting was entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate. Brown then drew a name from a hat of all of the stocking voters and Mike Smith was the winner.

(Above Photo) Metal Christmas Stocking Decorating Contest winner Darlene Brown (middle) is pictured above with Delbert Beckham (left) and Tracie Galindo (right).

Winner of the drawing for a $25 gift certificate was Mike Smith (middle) pictured with Marie Smith (pink shirt) Delbert Beckham (left) and Tracie Galindo (right).

Victoria Ford was one of the second place winners of the competition. Receiving award on behalf of Ford was Scott Flowers (middle) pictured with Delbert Beckham (left) and Tracie Galindo (right). 

Brenda Smith (middle) was another second place winner and she was lauded by Delbert Beckham (left) for having decorated both sides of her stocking. She is seen also with Tracie Galindo (right).

Suzanne Richards presented a check on behalf of Hallmark Center Fixtures Operations to Shelby County Outreach Ministries(SCOM) on Wednesday, December 10, 2014. Sherry Harding, Executive Director for Shelby County Outreach Ministries, accepted the $700 check and expressed her appreciation to the company for their donation.

Photo by Scott Flowers

An anonymous donor gave bicycles on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 to "Stock a Ram for Santa" at Wright Chrysler Dodge Jeep for the Shelby County Children's Advocacy Center.

An older gentleman came into the dealership and I asked him if I could help him. He said, "yes" and that he had a donation for the toy drive. I showed him where donations were collected and he said, "I'm going to need some help getting them in because I have eight bikes to donate."

When we got to his truck he paused and said, "I want to tell you why I'm donating these. My wife passed away in October of 2013. We would travel every year around Christmas and my wife always insisted that I point out any kids riding new bikes they received for Christmas.

"She said it made her proud to see them riding their new bikes. On our last Christmas trip together after she asked me to point out any kids on new bikes I asked her why seeing kids on their bikes was so important to her. She explained to me that she had never had or learned to ride a bike and that seeing children enjoying them brought her untold joy."

With tears in his eyes he said that he felt donating the bikes was the best way to honor her memory. Everyone thanked him profusely and he insisted that he receive no recognition for his generous act.

Three motorcycle clubs played Santa for a Shelby County family Wednesday donating presents, groceries, and coats for Christmas.

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club, O.T.T. Chapter; Amigos, Sabine County; and M.T.R. out of Center began Saturday, December 6th working on a Christmas list for a local Shelby County family whom they heard were needing help this Christmas. The family with three kids, ages 6, 10 and 13, have been going through difficult times with the mother battling cancer for the past two years and has had to have multiple surgeries in the past 6 months.

The motorcycle clubs surprised the mother with a truck load of goodies Wednesday, December 10th. The clubs' generous donations included toys, groceries, coats, and a promise to pay the family's electric bill for the month of December and possibly January.

This isn't the first time bikers have come together to help those in need. The consensus as to why they give to help families - they themselves have been through difficult times and had someone else give them hope and that is what they want to do, give a family hope to help them through.

The family asked to remain anonymous to protect their privacy but the mother wished to let the bikers know, "Thank you so much and it is truly a blessing!"