“A Good Day on Toledo Bend” by Doug Fincher

Children's children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.” - Proverbs 17:6

April 3, 2016 - Our son Brandon, his wife Kristi and their 5-year old twins visited us for several days last week. They live in Mesquite, Texas and we always look forward to seeing them. Brandon likes to fish so we drove down to Bayou Seipe Bridge near Huxley to a place we used to fish when he was in high school. Giant Salvinia had completely covered the water’s surface, so we drove around looking for another fishing spot. As we neared the lake, I spotted a Female Wood Duck and her 14 (!) babies lined up on a fallen willow log. I grabbed my camera and asked Pam to fish with the others while I photographed the ducks. The beautiful clouds… sprinkling rain… the cypress and willows…the smell of clean air… so engrossed me that I began photographing everything I found in this attractive inland cove. I sat on several logs of driftwood as I got shots of the ducks, an Anhinga, a Green Heron and a group of five Kingbirds. Watching the Anhingas soar so effortless on the high air currents made me feel only marginally superior to them. I was stunned by how quickly the ants… big black ones, red ones…tiny ones… found me wherever I sat. (I had forgotten that I spilled NuGrape soda earlier on my blue jeans).

When I joined the others, I found Zoe and Lundyn giggling and splashing in the shallow water with Pam and Kristi watching and Brandon fishing. We took pictures, collected driftwood and spent most of the day at the lake with Brandon and his young family.

As we drove behind them on our way back to San Augustine, Pam reflected wistfully, “Hasn’t it been wonderful being with the kids today?” “Yes”, I replied. ”We always do good…

…..when our children do”.