“The Three Wise Men” By Doug Fincher

“Magi came from the East to Jerusalem….” Matt. 2:11

December 26, 2023 - The Three Wise Men who followed the star to Bethlehem might not have been all that wise…or even men…at least that’s what the Church of England determined at their recent General Synod in London. A committee revising their last Prayer Book says that the word Magi” (translated ‘wise men’) discloses nothing about wisdom or gender”.

“Magi” was the title of officials in the Persian (now Iran) Court and no historical records refer to any of these officers as women. These “Magi” or “Oriental Scientist” were the early astrologers and were known for their wisdom. The Bible doesn’t say there were three of them. It says “Magi” came from the East bearing three gifts, “gold, frankincense and myrrh.”

But what does any of this parsing of sentences and splitting of hairs really mean? It means that people are trying to alter the Bible to make it politically correct. In doing so, they miss the central theme of this story: Wise Men found Jesus.

Wise Men still do.