“B C Powders” by Doug Fincher

April 27, 2020 - Although the name Benard Cheek isn’t one that most of us remember, his discovery and formulation of BC Powders is a name of endearment to all us “BC-ers.” BC Powders were first marketed in 1906 and were named with the initials of its founder. Even though the powder brought quick results, taking one can be a challenge, even with a glass of liquid, and is not recommended for the faint of heart.

I have not taken aspirin in tablet form since I was a teen-ager but have relied on BC’s for occasional headaches the last sixty years. I was on my way to the High Hope Nursing Home in Sulphur, Louisiana a few years ago to visit Pam’s grandfather, Valery LeDoux. Just before I reached the Nursing Home, I grabbed a BC Powder from the console and planned to take it with my bottle of coke. The shocking problem was MY COKE BOTTLE WAS EMPTY. The only other liquid I had in the truck was a bottle of brake fluid and by the time my BC had dissolved, I almost wished I had drunk it. When I went in to see 95-year-old Valery, he looked at me and asked, “Preacher, are you alright?” “I am now,” I laughed. “I did have a headache but am fine now.”

I am not an abuser of BCs or any other medicine but continue to get good results from a BC when I need a temporary pain reliever.