“Believing in What We Sell” (By Doug Fincher)

May 14, 2018 - “They that come to the Lord must believe that He is......” Heb. 11:6

When I was in the eighth grade, the Curtis Publishing Company came to our school to get the students to sell popular magazines for them. (Saturday Evening Post, Reader’s Digest, etc.). And we could win special prizes if we sold enough subscriptions.

I knocked at Mrs. Munnerlyn’s door and said, “You don’t want to buy any magazines, do you?”  “Come in, Henry,” she smiled.   “I need to talk to you”.  She stood me over a hot heater grate in the floor and gave me one more pep talk.  “You’ll never sell anything with that negative approach. To be a good salesman, you’ve got to believe in what you sell.”

0Hey, I took her advice and became the number one seller in our class. I won a brand new Schaeffer fountain pen!
One reason some church members never sell anyone on Jesus is because they don’t act like they believe in Him….

…..and some of them probably don’t!