“Brooksie’s Walking Cane” by Doug Fincher

January 23, 2017 - Last week Pam and I made our bi-monthly Sam’s Wal-Mart-Ralph & Kakoo’s trip to Lufkin. Since we’d be shopping in some large stores, I took my walking cane in the car just in case I needed it. Since I have neuropathy in my feet, the cane helps me keep my balance while walking. We parked at Sam’s and had taken few steps towards the store when an elderly lady came wheeling toward me in an electric shopping cart. “Here, Sir..Here”  ”Let me help you”, she said. I told her I was fine and thanked her as she walked away.

The following Sunday, church member Brooksie Sanders walked in with a walking cane. Since we’d never seen her use it, we began talking about it and the experience I’d recently had at Sam’s. As we were all laughing together, Brooksie said a lady recently saw her with the cane for the first time and asked her, “Brooksie, are you alright?” “Have you been sick?” Brooksie replied, “No, but I am 90 years old, you know!” All of us here at Calvary Baptist Church are amazed at how she looks, thinks and maintains her special, sense of humor. Brooksie and I are two of around ten million Americans who have discovered what great friends canes can be.  

When Pam and I got home that Sunday, she said, “In time everyone will get used to your cane. “I know”, I laughed.

“I probably will, too”.