“I Can Whistle Again” By Doug Fincher

December 16, 2019 - As we grew up, my brothers and I had a secret way of whistling to each other when we got separated from each other on a hunting or fishing trip. We had hoped that we would eventually be able to do that “loud, shrill whistle” that my Grandmother and Uncle “Jink” could do. I later learned that our physical anatomy determined our ability to whistle that way.

The most “prolific” whistler I ever knew was a boy from Athens, Texas that I served with  in the Army. He entertained large groups of us with his unbelievable whistling talents. When Pam and I visited my son Neal in New York, he used that “loud, shrill whistle” cabs for us. 

I later lost almost all my ability to whistle when my dentist Dr. Henry McClemore fitted me with a partial dental plate. It made me smile …and eat…better, but  the only notes I could whistle were extremely high ones. Then one night, everything changed. Pam and I were  watching an old TCM Western when I suddenly started whistling along with the background music…note by note The more I whistled, the better I got,  Even after the movie was over, I continued to whistle.

I was standing behind our house one day when I heard the whistling of a Bob White Quail across the field behind me. I called for Pam to come listen as I began to whistle for the bird. Suddenly a quail came sailing across the field and lit on a post about ten yards from us. “I called him”, I whispered to Pam. And even though quail are easy to call and even though my whistle wasn’t perfect, the quail apparently thought I was close enough.

I am so glad that I can whistle again!