“I Never Lost The Wonder” by Doug Fincher

May 17, 2021 - My son Neal called me from Manhattan, New York last week after reading my book, “Fincher and Friends.” “What’s the secret for all the things you’ve accomplished in your eighty-seven years?” he asked. I thought for a moment and answered, “I guess it’s because I never lost the wonder.” To see and learn something new… to meet new people… and learn about their lives is an exceedingly great joy.

My call to preach The Gospel has bequeathed to me unlimited opportunities to make life-time friends from my sixteen Pastorates… from my first one in Patroon, Texas in 1952… to my thirty-year Pastorate of Calvary Baptist Church in 2021. How blessed I am to hear from those I baptized years ago and whose weddings I performed! I’ve now lived long enough to baptize many of their children… and perform their weddings, too!

My friends have given me the stories that I write in five newspapers every week. And I praise the Lord for the memory He gave me… a memory that dates from my 4th birthday in 1937 to my 87th one in 2020. And He also gave me another gift…

… the gift of never losing the wonder.