2022 ETPF Creative Arts Show Results (Updated)

October 19, 2022 (Photo album of Creative Arts Show) - The East Texas Poultry Festival Creative Arts Show had contestants presenting their creations for everyone to enjoy.

The show results were as follows:

F.L. Moffett Primary – Chicken Coloring
1st place - Penelope Solis
2nd place - David Coffin
3rd place - Axel Rodriguez
Honorable Mention: Jeremiah Mora, Stella Shelton, Vanessa Duvall-Magana, Zachary Smith, Raeleigh White, Galiel Hernandez-Perez, Daleyssa Reyes, Sa’Khiri Rucker, Jacqueline Bustos, Jordy Fuller

2nd Grade – Shelbyville Elementary Drawing
1st place - Yuliana Herrera
2nd place - Teagan Woods
3rd place - Luke Nelson
Honorable Mention: Judson Wallace, Tinley Woods, Demi Shields, Mikenna Ray, Jermani Brinson, Allison Bolton

3rd Grade – Shelbyville Elementary Drawing
1st place - Carrie Matthews
2nd place - Kyla Warren
3rd place - Tenley Snell
Honorable Mention: Rylee Thornton, Dean Eddins, Asher Jackson, Trae Stone, Sarah Lindley, Roman Foster

5th Grade – Joaquin Elementary Drawing
1st place - Ashley Blanco
2nd place - Aldo Mendoza
3rd place - Benjamen Groeling
Honorable Mention: Bella Carroll, Aldo Mendoza, Kyhah Shaw, Dierra Lee, Noah Eaves, Ami Martin, Ashley Blanco, Augustin Ramirez

Elementary – Paintings on canvas
1st place - Abbey Osmer
2nd place - Ross Keele
3rd place (tie) - Lauraly Jeter
3rd place (tie) - Maleah Mustard
Honorable Mention: Isareide Gonzalez-Vega, Abbey Osmer, Bella Salas, Chloe Hurst

Elementary – Colored Pencil / Watercolor
1st place - Charley Block
2nd place - Easton Hardy
3rd place - Charley Block
Honorable Mention: Ella Hernandez, Bentley Fanguy, Taylor Grigsby, Riley Utt, Olivia Anthony

Elementary – Pencil Sketch
1st place - Noah Shelton
2nd place - Hadley Permenter
3rd place - Olivia Crouch
Honorable Mention: Mykemzie Collins

Intermediate Youth Art (6th – 8th)
1st place - Jocelyn Stewart
2nd place - Jakeb Williams
3rd place - Brooklyn Scates
Honorable Mention: Hennessy Anderson, Brilyn Williams

Senior Youth Art (9th – 12th)
1st place - Isabella Galaviz
2nd place - Shelby Freeman
3rd place - Anna Lewis
Honorable Mention: Anna Lewis, Daniel Reyes, Dedtrick McCollister, I’Morion McClelland, Chase Hall, Trent Sims, Ryleigh Lawson

Adult Sculpture
1st place - Wanda Hagler

Adult Art
1st place - J. Montemayor

Adult Crafts, Ceramics, and Needlework Division
1st place - Sheron Walton
2nd place - Jheri-Lynn McSwain
3rd place - Wanda Hagler

Adult Canning: Billie Jones, Jheri-Lynn McSwain

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