ETPF Creative Arts Show Baked Goods Results

October 19, 2022 (Photo album of Creative Arts Show) - The Baked Goods division of the Creative Arts Show was a delicious addition to the 46th Annual East Texas Poultry Festival. Bakers entered their delectable treats with hopes of receiving blue ribbon status for their creations.

Judges took into consideration texture, uniformity, aroma, color, creativity, and overall appearance of the entries when deciding which received blue ribbons. The results were as follows:

Cookies - Decorated Category
1st place - Mackenzie Smith, Iced Sugar Cookies - Chick themed
2nd place - Aliyah Glazier, Double Chocolate Glazed cookies
3rd place - Skyler Nash

Cookies - Non-Decorated Category
1st place - Brionna Ingerton, Mint Brownie Cookies
2nd place - Skyaunnah Horton, Teacakes
3rd place - Tony Meza, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cakes and Cupcakes - Decorated Category
1st place - Emma Lewis “Mrs. Betsy, the Chicken”
2nd place - Kendra Ghea “King Cake”
3rd place - Jaquelyn Miles, Vanilla Cupcakes

Cakes and Cupcakes - Non-Decorated Category
1st place - Rylan Chandler, Chocolate Cake
2nd place - Savannah Cassell, S’more Pops
3rd place - Bobby Bray, Dr. Pepper Cake

Quick Breads Category
1st place - Jada Jacobs, Lemon Blueberry
2nd place - Emilio Gomez, Banana Bread
3rd place - Ally Kimbro, Banana Bread

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