2023 MLK Walk/Parade in Center

January 23, 2023 - (Photo Album) - An MLK Walk/Parade was held on Monday, January 16, 2023, honoring the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and to continue carrying his message into the future.

Participants gathered at H&S Discount Foods on Shelbyville Street where the event began with an opening prayer. From there, a parade of marchers began their route to Martin Luther King Drive where the procession continued until reaching Perry Sampson Park. 

A program was then held in the park which featured several speakers, and was accompanied by two groups of Praise Dancers.

Ray Dean McCollister presented a recitation of Dr. King's, "I have a dream," speech without any script and apparently all from memory.

Once the program was completed, everyone shared refreshments in the Perry Sampson Park pavilion.