50 Women of Impact Donates $8,700 Plus to Timpson Food for Thought Pantry, Thrift Store

August 9, 2019 - The 50 Women of Impact voted to donate this quarters money to Timpson Food for Thought Pantry and Thrift Store.

Linda Miller, a 50 Women of Impact representative, spoke to announce the winner, "We have a total! This August 2019, our donation will go to the Timpson Food for Thought. As of tonight, we have $8,700. Now, I think we have an even 100 members from my calculations this afternoon, so, I'll get the rest of that collected and preferably we will have a $10,000 donation this time!"

Debra Smith, City of Timpson Mayor, spoke on behalf of the Timpson Food for Thought Pantry during the presentations. She described the process the group takes each time the food bank opens since it operates out of a single room at the church. They must setup and break down the day of the food distribution each time which is a lot of unloading and loading for the volunteers over the years since the pantry started in 2013. The donated funds will be used toward building a 2,000 square foot building on property donated by First Baptist Church of Timpson and the building will house a stand alone Thrift Store and the Food Pantry. The Thrift store will operate as a funding source for the food bank and give the opportunity to help families with clothing and other items after fires and other losses.

The 50 Women of Impact group organized and held their first meeting in November of 2017 with the hopes of getting 50 women to give $100 each quarter for a combined contribution to an elected organization. The first meeting surpassed the 50 women with 94 inaugural members. The group has continued to grow and meet once a quarter to donate funds. Past recipients are the Shelby County Welfare Board; AgriLife Extension, Shelby Family Consumer Science program; Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library; Boo's Battle Cancer Fund; Shelby County Outreach Ministries; Jon, Macy and Misty Bush Foundation; and HOPE Community Medical to establish a Fund to Help with Medical Needs for Working People.

Including the $8,700 from this meeting, the total money donated by the 50 Women of Impact is $77,000 with more coming in!