AgriLife Gives Thanks to Elected Officials at Luncheon (Video)

January 9, 2019 - Shelby County AgriLife Extension hosted an Elected Officials Luncheon on Friday, December 7, 2018 with 4-H officers providing the program.

Extension agents Lane Dunn, Jheri-Lynn McSwain, and Felicia Thompson welcomed everyone to the event. Dunn reflected on the passing of President Bush and the value the late President placed upon service to others. He expressed to those attending, "A thank you for your service and that we can't do what we do without the support of [each of you] and the community. And we greatly appreciate that." Dunn also gave appreciation and praise for their great facility which they moved into in the Fall of 2017 and which accommodates the many meetings 4-H hosts with its various programs throughout the year.

Jheri-Lynn McSwain reiterated what Lane said, "Thank you very much for coming out. Like Lane said we definitely appreciate your support and how you help us with 4-H and the programs that we try to provide and do provide the community. Thank you very much."

4-H officers gave testimonials for the luncheon program while those attending enjoyed a steak meal. Garrett Saenz, President of the Shelby County 4-H, said, "During 4-H I have done a few projects and in FFA. By far my favorite project has been showing animals." He gave his history of showing animals. He finished saying, "4-H for me has taught me a lot of things. It has taught me responsibility, respect, and most of all it has given me a passion to find something I want to do in my future career which is something in the agriculture area. Not only has it given me a passion to find what my future career is, it also has given me a passion to inspire younger kids because in 4-H we have kids all the way from 3rd grade up to 12th grade. It has given me a passion to inspire younger ones and help them figure out what they want to do in their future and help them get involved in the community. So, 4-H has been a big blessing in my life and it has taught me many, many things."

Additional officers described 4-H as teaching responsibility, respect, leadership, community involvement, mentoring others, and socializing with other 4-H youth across the country. The officers who spoke along with Saenz were Wesley Wages - Vice President, Lance Holloway - Secretary, Hannah Wages - Treasurer, Camille Greer - Reporter, Laura Ann Scull - Activity Officer, Michelle Gomez - Recruitment Officer, Gracie Boyd - Information Technology Officer, and Fatima Romero - Community Service Officer.