American Pickers Film in Joaquin

Debbie Leggett, (right) is seen with American Pickers star Mike Wolfe (left) during filming in Joaquin.     January 19, 2015 - About a year ago the American Pickers Television Show contacted Dennis Leggett of Joaquin. Several people had suggested they contact him since they are interested in buying antique motorcycles and oddities. About four months ago someone called asking more questions. The production company sent someone out to take pictures of some of his inventory about a month ago. A few days ago they contacted him to say they would be by his shop on Saturday to film. It was an experience that Dennis will not soon forget. To be sure, the town will not forget soon either.

Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe, the stars of the show, mingled with the town folks when they were not busy filming. They said it is common that they cause a “stir” in small towns. However, larger cities seem to just stay busy on their way wherever that may be. Many Joaquin adults and kids alike were able to take pictures and get signatures from Frank and Mike.

It will be interesting to see how they cut and piece filming from 10AM to 4:30PM (with a break for lunch at the Ram House Café), down to a twenty minute segment. The production company will notify the Leggetts as to when the show will air.

As the sun began to set, and the pickers rode off into the sunset to their next adventure, the citizens of Joaquin and the Leggetts were glad for the town of Joaquin to get back to “normal.”

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Dennis Leggett (background) in his shop with members of the American Pickers film crew.Dennis Leggett (left) and Frank Fritz (right) fist bump as Mike Wolfe (middle) looks on.Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz visited with many Joaquin residents during the shooting of American Pickers.Mike Wolfe signed his autograph on Leggett's wall in his shop in Joaquin.