Barking and Biting by Doug Fincher

A little leaven leavens the whole lump…” I Cor. 5:6

March 6, 2017 - Today I visited my friends Claude and Bonnie Lucas who live in the Short community near Center, Texas. The last time I visited them, their two dogs (one small and one medium sized) snapped at my heels on my arrival and departure. When I called Bonnie this morning and asked her about the dogs, she said she’d take care of them.

Boy, was I surprised! As I sat down, the larger dog walked in, wagged her tail and licked my hand. When I asked Bonnie what changed the dog’s attitude, she replied, “Oh, she does okay if the little dog’s not around.” “It’s the little one’s snapping that gets this one snapping”. I actually enjoyed the dog’s company today.

Their little dog reminds me of some people. I remember a lady church member in Amarillo who was always mad and kept her lady friends mad, too. Meeting them on Sunday morning became a real dread to me. When the Lead Barker moved to Kansas, the other ladies did a complete about face. Hey, they were fun to be around!!

“Snappers” aren’t happy till they get others to snap with them. These rabble rousers come in all ages, shapes and sizes.

They’re not all women, either!