Benefit Bake Sale for Marnie Mize Set for April 26th

April 26, 2019 - There will be a benefit Bake Sale for Marnie Mize on Friday, April 26th at Raymond Motor Company in Center, from 9am - 1pm, to help her with medical expenses.

Marnie's Story:

On August 26, 2018 I lost my eyesight in my eye.

On this day my peripheral vision in my eye disappeared suddenly and I lost my vision. I was driving home from out of town at night when it happened!! The next morning I went to see Dr Carmen Mackey in Nacogdoches at TSO. She and her staff ran tests and discovered my Detached Retina and Macula tear. She sent me to the ER at LSU Hospital in Shreveport, I have no insurance, to Dr. Scott Kavanaugh for emergency surgery!! I had to have many more extensive tests done. It was determined I did need emergency surgery because my retina had detached over halfway off from the bottom up to the top and the macula had torn also. (There is a time frame to get this surgery done).

I have had 2 eye surgeries to repair and attach the retina and macula back. The repair and attachment surgeries went good, but I still can't see. My pupil is permanently damaged from the detachment and surgeries and stays dilated and will remain that way. The first 2 surgeries caused my eye to have a cataract. The 3rd eye surgery was to remove the cataract, performed by Dr. Thomas Redens. Dr. Redens discovered during the cataract surgery removal that I have a secondary cataract. I will have to have another surgery to have this cataract removed in a few months, once my eye has healed.

The doctors said it was caused from trauma. My only trauma was several years ago when I broke my back in an accident.

In between my 3 eye surgeries, my wisdom tooth decided to come in. The way my tooth was coming in had my jaw locked down and I couldn't open my mouth. I had surgery to have my wisdom tooth removed, with approval from my doctors. Thanking God everything went good with all my surgeries!!

My life has truly changed since this day in Aug..... I still can't see. I can't work. And I can't drive!!

Please keep me in your prayers!!

For more info, please contact Regina Danley at 936-591-1822.